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Here you can find an overview of the shipping costs and ordering conditions. We expect that most orders will be coming from Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Should you wish to order and not be living in one of those countries, please contact us and we will let you know the shipping costs to your country. The complete list of ordering conditions can be found in our terms & conditions.

Minimum Order

The minimum order value is 20 EUR for orders which are shipped to you. Orders that are picked up in Beckerich or at a sales stall of vegan life do not have a minimum.

Shipping Costs

countryshipped bywith an order sum of (in EUR)
20-39,9940-69,9970-99,99100-129,99≥ 130
AustriaPost LU15 EUR15 EUR15 EUR15 EUR15 EUR
BelgiumPost BE10 EUR9 EUR8 EUR7 EUR6 EUR
FrancePost LU15 EUR14 EUR13 EUR12 EUR11 EUR
GermanyPost LU15 EUR14 EUR13 EUR12 EUR11 EUR
LuxembourgPost LU8 EUR7 EUR6 EUR5 EUR4 EUR
NetherlandsPost LU10 EUR9 EUR8 EUR7 EUR6 EUR
SloveniaPost LU17 EUR18 EUR19 EUR20 EUR21 EUR

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